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The Clarity Compass
Let's use our body and subconscious to reach our goals.


The Clarity Compass is FULLY booked. Join our waitlist and we'll invite you for the next session.

Welcome to an intimate afternoon with Amanda Maxime, Fanny Evers and your fellow life travellers.

In this small group session you'll make an individual journey to explore a goal that is important to you, but that you find hard to reach for whatever reason.


This is what our head wants to do... allll the time
We assume you are well known with goal setting. We know we are... We love the new energy that comes up, the sheer force that is unleashed when a new goal pops up in our minds. But we also know how keen our head is to take over the steering wheel and keep us from fulfilling that purpose. Foreseeing potential obstacles, procrastination... life happens!

Subconsious mind & body take over the wheel
We'll make sure that this afternoon, your head won't be in charge. This journey takes place in your subconscious mind and your body. Two powerful vehicles that we'll help you navigate so that you can find answers and motivation no one else will be able to give you.

Proven methods that will guide you 
Through the beautiful methods of HypnoConstellation and Breathwork, you're going to experience your goal, blocks & sources from within. And you'll truly embody the outcome, so your whole being becomes the place that knows how to get to your goal.

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"I was a little sceptical and unsure about breathwork at first as I wasn’t sure what it could do for me. However, Amanda made me feel at ease and created a safe space for me to let go and give it a honest chance. She really guided me through the breathing and helped me lean into it. Afterwards I felt lighter and relaxed, and I’m curious to see what else it could bring me."

Jessica P.

They already experienced the clarity:

"I can say that I was totally surprised by the HypnoConstellation that Fanny organized for me. I never thought that you can get such a clear image of where you want to move to and what stands in the way of getting there. And also what is needed to take steps that take you closer to your goal. I wish everyone such an enlightening walk through your own mind."


"Amanda knows how to make you feel at ease. Her explanation about what was happening in my body was also very valuable. The session made me feel more grounded and connected to my true powers."

Jorien Janssen

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